About Hamro LifeBank Donor Club

Hamro LifeBank Donor Club was created to connect like-minded people who believe in the power of giving. It aims to motivate and aware youth on the importance of blood donation and blood data digitization.

1. What are the benefits of being a member of HLB club?

Ans: As an HLB donor club member you will be exposed to the following opportunities:
- Get recognized for your good deeds in our annual event.
- Tell your donor story and inspire youth at HLB meetup events.
- HLB network of blood donors can help you in times of emergencies. Possible training/conference opportunities.
-Develop network with like-minded people. Social contribution to the society. Personal development.

2. What are the roles of the HLB donor club members?

Ans: You are the ambassador of our club, so you are expected to motivate people to donate blood, promote blood donation events and importance of digital blood inventory management system and get involved in events we organize whenever your time permits you. We welcome your ideas and feedback.

3. What are the membership criteria?

Ans: - You are at least 17 years old.
- You pledge to donate blood at least twice a year.
- You believe in our smart blood movement and are proud to advocate it to your friends and family.
-You like the idea of volunteering in our events, if your time permits you.

4. What is the process to be a member of Donor Club?

Ans: To be a part of HLB donor club, kindly contact us via mail or call us. You can also reach us through our facebook page or instagram.

5. Do I need to renew my membership every year like other clubs?

Ans: This club is not a legal club so you don't have to renew your membership every year. Once you are part of the club you will be a member until you decide to leave. Your involvement can depend on your time and interest.

6. Do I have to pay membership charges for HLB club?

Ans: You will not be charged for membership or pay any kind of funds in future. Your time and feedback are the only things we seek from you.

7. Can a non-donor be a member of Donor Club?

Ans: If a donor donates blood at least twice a year, they are eligible to be a member of the club but interested people who could not donate blood due to their medical or other issues can also join the club.

8. Can I add my friends to donor club? Can I recommend other members?

Ans: Of course you can recommend interested people to join the club.

9. What types of activities are there in donor club?

Ans: HLB club will organize meetups, smart blood donation events and annual donor recognition events. You can also bring in new ideas, HLB donor club is always open to new and innovative ideas.

10. Will this club help me in my career?

Ans: This group is more focused on personal development rather than career development. However, the club provides you an opportunity to meet personalities from diverse fields. You can network with them which could help you in your career too.

11. Will I get a membership card or any certificates?

Ans: We will provide HLB merch to you when you join the club. Membership certificates will also be provided to the members.

12. Can I leave the group later?

Ans: There is no compulsion that you stay in the club forever. If you have any problems or complications, you may leave the club whenever you want. However, HLB will always have its doors open for you anytime.

13. Do I have to attend every meeting or activities compulsorily?

Ans: It is not compulsory to attend every meeting or activities physically. Those who are not able to join in at the venue can also attend online. The details of each event conducted will be emailed to the club members and posted on Facebook group by Hamro LifeBank team. However, we do recommend you to join at least 2 events per year.

14. What are the location and timing of the activities/events organized by HLB?

Ans: Location and timing will be different according to the meeting or activities conducted. We will inform you about the event through mail or phone calls. Details will also be available in Facebook group of HLB.

15. What are the types of recognition available?

Ans: When you become a member of HLB Donor club, you will be provided with membership certificates and HLB merch. HLB will organize an annual donor recognition event where donors who provide the highest contribution to society will be awarded.

16. How do I connect with other members of HLB donor club?

Ans: You will get a chance to involve and network with other members in events and meetings. You will also be added in the facebook group of HLB donor club where you can always get connected with other members of the club

17. What is the best way to contact HLB Donor club?

Ans: You can contact us through our Website, Email, Facebook, Instagram or call us at 9801230045.

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