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(2 days per week )

About Hamro LifeBank

Hamro LifeBank (HLB) is a social initiative for a smart, transparent and holistic blood management service from collection to supply. It is a Social Initiative of the Rumsan Group of Companies.

HLB was started as an answer to the growing pains of a patient’s family to arrange blood in times of need. As we delved deeper into the current blood shortage challenge, the concept birthed into a much needed data-informed approach, wherein the lifecycle of a blood bag can be managed efficiently and transparently with higher process control.

Content description

We are looking for blood volunteers to join our team. You will be responsible for the ragat chahiyo hotline, data entering and System training. Hamro LifeBank is looking for reliable and detail-oriented volunteers.

Job description

  • Understand the vision of Hamro LifeBank and be motivated to encourage folks to donate blood.

  • Support HLB team with the Ragat Chahiyo Hotline(24*2).

  • Support with Data entry and other activities at Blood donation events.

  • Learn and train multiple digital systems developed by Hamro LifeBank.

  • Train and facilitate blood bank staff to use digital systems to manage blood inventory and donor databases. Quality Assurance of blood data digitized in the blood bank.

Required qualifications

  • +2 completed. Priority will be given to applicants from health related subjects.

  • Ability to learn new skills and information quickly, and to work efficiently and effectively in a fast-paced environment.

  • Ability to learn existing applications.

  • Great attention to detail.

  • Females are highly encouraged to apply. Interested individuals are requested to send their updated CV with a cover letter at team@hamrolifebank.org

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